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That Landscape Is Where I’d Like to Be

A recent study found that giving cancer patients a choice of original paintings by local artists to decorate their hospital rooms significantly improved patient experience. While patients with paintings in their room reported improved perceptions of the hospital environment compared with those without, the authors also found that giving patients a choice of paintings - personalization - garnered the most favorable response from patients.

MONA works with both the local arts community and renowned international artists to not only give patients a choice of artwork, but through the magic of immersive art, allows them to jump inside a painting and explore it like they’d never imagined. MONA's popular Session Buddy feature even allows a patient's friends and family to magically hang their own drawings or paintings right inside their loved one’s MONA therapy session.

Family in Winter, Carolina Carvalho, 2018

George DR, de Boer C, Green MJ. “That Landscape Is Where I’d Like to Be … ”: Offering Patients With Cancer a Choice of Artwork. JAMA. 2017;317(9):890–892. doi:10.1001/jama.2017.1233

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