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Health & Safety with Covid-19

At MONA, the safety and well being of patients and health care professionals comes first. Properly administering MONA Virtual Reality Therapy at hospitals and other clinical settings has always required special attention to hygiene and safety protocols. As the Covid-19 pandemic began to unfold, we were fortunate to have years of safety training and experience under our belt. Here's a look at how we keep patients safe, and what we're doing differently during this pandemic.

In addition to our stringent alcohol-based cleaning and disinfection protocol, MONA also uses industry-leading CleanBox technology to disinfect every MONA Virtual Reality Headset and Director tablet between patient sessions. This lab-proven method effectively destroys viruses using a special high-powered UVC light and proprietary nanocoating.

As an extra precaution during the Covid-19 pandemic, we've doubled the recommended amount of time all MONA devices are disinfected inside the Cleanbox machine, to assure an even more stringent hygiene standard. CleanBox is a terrific company that also makes proven Covid-19 disinfecting solutions for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You can learn more about how their cutting-edge sanitizing machines work on the CleanBox website.

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