Our Mission

MONA brings together a diverse group of artists, doctors and technologists who believe that medicine is even more powerful when delivered in a nurturing, creative environment. We are patient-focused, research-driven and passionate about art and wellness.

The Museum That Visits You

In 2013, an artist and technologist collective called Ruse Laboratories created a pioneering Virtual Reality artwork called ALGO. The technology was complex, but the concept was simple. While a lone audience member wore a customized headset, an artist created a dazzling immersive artwork all around them. Each ALGO performance was completely live and fully personalized - an immersive performance shared by just two people together in a room.   


Audience reaction was powerful and emotional.  At a time when society was obsessing over market value and superficial likes, ALGO was achieving something deeper: intimacy and connection. 


In 2015, an audience member asked if ALGO could be shown to a hospitalized loved one battling a difficult illness. This experience was deeply moving and eye-opening. Soon, ALGO exhibitions were being held not just in galleries and art fairs, but also hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics and other wellness centers. These shows would lead to deeper collaborations with doctors and medical institutions.


After years of successful hospital exhibitions, medical research, technological development and listening to patient feedback, that seminal artwork has evolved into a sophisticated Virtual Reality Therapy platform addressing complex healthcare challenges around the world. Still, MONA remains true to its creative roots. Everyday, we bring the healing power of art to patients when they need it most. 


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