A Healing Museum

Powerful Art Therapy 

MONA whisks patients away from the confines of hospital rooms using therapeutic, immersive artworks created by artists and doctors from around the world.

 People who undergo MONA immersion report

a direct decrease in tension, anxiety, discomfort and pain

Doctors are already using MONA therapy during surgical procedures to

reduce or avoid dangerous opioids and improve the patient experience.

*Side effects may include: smiling, learning, creativity & moderate to severe fun.  



The use of Virtual Reality in medicine is the next evolution in patient care. MONA brings that evolution to your doorstep.


A Healing Museum

MONA combines clinically-tested medicine with cutting edge immersive art and delivers it bedside to hospital patients. 

Artwork by Paloma.  Visit MONA to check out her studio, see more of her work, and get to know many other great artists from around the world. 





Adjusts in real time to medical procedure,

doctor needs and patient feedback


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